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Beanies On The Run Limited is a forward thinking accounting firm that was established in August 2006 to help you small business folk out there do what you do best. And while you are doing that you can rest assured that you have the help and guidance of someone who understands what you are going through in business and the challenges you face to meet your goals.


The Team

Scott Townsend

Scott Townsend – Chartered accountant, father, business owner, teacher, writer, ex Milford Track Guide and ex hospitality manager. That’s me.

Fun at life but serious in business. Those are the values that we aspire to here. I have a long history in helping small businesses thrive. I enjoy working together with you to build on your expertise.

I have four sons and a great wife (don’t seem to be able to make girls) which were the inspiration behind the book I wrote called Mixed Up Muddled Up Jack. I have also taught papers at Queenstown Resort College and teach small business owners through Te Wananga Aoteroa.

So as well as being a chartered accountant I have rounded life experiences which means I can give you the help you need in every sense of business.

Debbie Townsend

Debbie Townsend – I am responsible for the in-house administration and debtor control. The boys keep me busy and sometimes Scott gets me to make his lunch, but I tell him it’s not in my job description.

As well as all this I run my own business advising in fertility and baby sign language, for the hearing baby. So I fully understand your business needs.

Jill Tyree

Jill Tyree – I’m an Associate Chartered Accountant originally from Christchurch and I moved to live in Wanaka about 3 years ago. My childhood holidays were often spent in Central Otago, and after my parents retired here (and being sick of earthquakes), we decided to make the move south too.

My husband and I love the great outdoors, and we spend as much time as we can mountain biking, running or walking the many trails in the area.

I enjoy working with small businesses and helping them through their accounting compliance, and I especially love Xero software and assisting clients with any queries, and I plan to be the office Xero guru!

Leony Dudfield

Leony Dudfield – With a degree in Civil Engineering, stints in Human Resources and Primary School teaching, 8 years corporate career in marketing and brand management, all back in Indonesia, I decided to get accounting degree in Australia 8 years ago.

Now I find peace and solace at playing with Xero (and other accounting software), calculating tax, checking IRD data and sending or replying to clients' mail at Beanies. A good break from my life very much ruled by my two cute children.

Watching my parents work so hard running their shop, I have huge respect and support for small businesses. Beanies on the run shares this same value with me, which is why I am helping Scott help you grow your business.

Kelly Hopkins

Kelly Hopkins – As the Administration Ninja of the office I hold moderately useful degrees in Science and Commerce and have an undiagnosed borderline obsession with order and efficiency.

I admit to harbouring mostly non evil plans of turning Scott into a machine of organisation.

At home I’m normally found attempting (and failing) to bring similar order to my family of 3 kids and a stubborn retriever, in between ridiculously unlikely hobbies like ballet and gliding.


Rico – Rico had great ambitions for an acting career. You may recall him from an early season of Remarkable Vets.

From humble beginnings on a farm, Rico soon found himself starring as the dog that a young family purchased from the local vet.

However it soon became apparent that Rico had anger management problems so he was better suited to a career in security. He is now chief of security and we pay him in dog biscuits which means we have not paid PAYE on his wages for years. Not sure if we should have said that on our website.

Accountant Anywhere

Accountant Anywhere – So that we can respond to your business needs in a timely manner, we partner with Accountant Anywhere to produce reports.

This allows us to provide you with the very best service while still keeping your costs down.

You can find out more about them at accountant-anywhere.com.

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